So you would like to figure abroad? Before you’ve need to find out where you would like to travel . And if you’re planning on working, meaning navigating the china visa application.

The surest thanks to secure a visa is to try to to it through work. Most countries have paths to figure permits or residency as long as a corporation sponsors you. But if you’re self-employed or are making the move without corporate support, there are a couple of more hoops you’ll need to jump through.

First, the fundamentals . You’ll need a passport, and one that won’t expire within the next year or run out of visa pages. tons of places also want to form sure you don’t grind to a halt there, so you would like to point out you’ve got enough money to urge yourself home. Many countries’ working visas are intended to draw in young workers for temporary gigs. If you’re under 30 (or in some cases 35), you’ll have a neater time getting a working holiday visa application Hong Kong . If you’re not, here are another ways you’ll work abroad.

Easy Work Visa Countries

The Netherlands

If you’re an entrepreneur, Netherlands wants you. The country is looking to make new products and jobs by attracting foreign innovators and scientists. If you’ve got a start-up idea, you’ll apply for a one-year residency within the Netherlands. During this point you’ll meet with an area mentor and build your business. After 12 months you’ll have the choice to increase your stay and apply for the quality self-employed working papers , which is out there through the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty. Want to skip the start-up step? The Dutch-American Friendship Treaty, or DAFT, encourages small businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs to require up residency and add Netherlands . Another plus? WeWork has offices in Amsterdam.


Ireland’s work visas don’t accompany age restrictions; all ages are welcome. The catch here is that to urge the 12-month Working Holiday Authorization, you’ve got to either be enrolled in undergraduate or graduate education, or have recently graduated (within the past year). you furthermore may need to pay a fee of €300 and show proof of a round-trip ticket plus €1,500 to measure off of. (If you don’t have a round-trip ticket you want to show that you simply have a minimum of €3,000 available.) Workers who don’t meet these requirements can apply for general work permits, though these are harder to urge as they require either A visitor visa to New Zealand typically lasts for a maximum stay of nine months. If you’re considering living in New Zealand for an extended period of your time this government-provided website may be a good place to start out . The immigration office will email you personalized information supported your goals.

If you would like to figure during your stay, you’ll apply for a short lived work visa. Check here to ascertain if you qualify and to raised understand the restrictions. There are several sorts of visas, but they’re all similar therein the govt of NZ is seeking employees that fill a skill shortage from this list within the country that’s currently not being filled by NZ citizens.

The essential skills work visa are often valid for up to 5 years when the right requirements are met. there’s also the long-term skills shortage visa which may grant you’re employed permission for up to 30 months. NZ also features a working holiday visa for children ages 18-30 for up to 12 months. you’ll see if you qualify for a vacation visa here and start your application.

None of those visas provide the traveler with a residency permit. If your longterm goal is to measure permanently in NZ, you ought to apply for a talent work visa. After holding the work from your talent work visa for 2 years, you’ll apply to measure within the country indefinitely as a resident if you meet qualifications.

Australia and New Zealand

Young Americans have a reasonably easy time getting work visas in Australia and New Zealand. Both allow stays of 12 months to U.S. citizens between 18 and 30 years old. to figure in New Zealand, you would like NZ$4,200 and a ticket home (or enough money to shop for one). The Australian work and holiday visa has similar guidelines but limits you to working a maximum of 6 months per employer. Other visas, like those for recent engineering graduates and people who pass a skills assessment.


Cambodia remains one among the foremost popular countries for expats to urge a visa in. you’ll get a long-term “business visa” which will be renewed indefinitely, without being sponsored by a corporation . However, despite the name it doesn’t technically allow the holder to figure in Cambodia. to try to to that legally, you’ll got to apply for a piece permit, though the country has historically been fairly lax about enforcing those permits (some reports warn that’s changing, however).


It’s not the simplest permit to use for, but if you’re a freelancer, you ought to put Germany on your radar. Berlin offers an “artist visa” that lets freelancers establish residency in Germany for the aim of self-employment. You’ll need to hand over up to €110 and tons of documentation—your business plan, proof of insurance , then forth.

Another option? Become a student. Some countries, like Germany and Finland, welcome Americans into their graduate programs. Better yet? immediately it’s free (though Finland will start charging non-EU students in 2017). you’ve got to use for a visa after you enroll within the school, but if you’re brooding about graduate school , it’d be an honest opportunity to measure overseas.