Some people say that this kind of flower, which cannot be eaten or used, has not been seen for a long time, why is it so cute? It’s true that flowers can’t be eaten as food, but if the content of your life is only eating, that would be too pitiful! There are too many impractical things for too many people to pursue throughout their lives: honour, beauty, status, and so on.

Flowers have life, budding, blooming, blooming, and withering. Only between life and life can there be real attraction. When the flower blooms, it pays all the energy in its life. It is doing its best. It is unreserved, just like the unique rose in the heart of the little prince!

Flower is the most diverse and imaginative kind of all living beings. It gives people unlimited creative possibilities to satisfy all kinds of demands. So when you face a flower, not only does your eyes feel its beauty, but you also draw a kind of strength from your heart. This is what flowers bring to us, and it is also what many people choose to express their love and good wishes with flowers. reason.

An old man in Flintshire, England, presents a rose bouquet to his wife every day after marriage, 60 years as a day, which can be called a romantic model. The old couple have lived and worked together for a lifetime, but the husband still puts red roses on his wife’s pillow every day like a newlywed, expressing his love for her. Every morning when he gets up and before going to bed at night, he will give his wife an affectionate kiss, allowing his wife to spend a happy day in the deep love. The old man said that he would continue to have such a “romantic” in the future. He believes that if husbands and wives make selfless dedication to their spouse, the relationship after marriage will be much more harmonious. Now they have 6 children and 10 grandchildren, and they already have a great-grandson.

The most touching love in this world is one heart and one mind, the only one in life. The rose is the “flower of love”. Let the ordinary become extraordinary. It is persistence and perseverance. In this way, love will flow forever. There is no oath, but this So thrilling!

Although the roses will wither in a few days, this kind of intention is well expressed. Only the short-lived things in the world are more precious!

So, what is really sending flowers?

Men give women roses, because there are flowers, so they don’t have to use difficult-to-organize language to say something ashamed to say. As a result, sending flowers changed from a single flower material to a more complex flower material, making it more attractive and more ornamental, and more accurate to express.

Sending flowers is actually a feeling, sometimes it’s her in your eyes, and sometimes it’s the you in her eyes as you wish. This is irreplaceable by anything that has no vitality. It is a messenger and a steward; it releases the atmosphere and speaks what you say; it obscures your cowardice and adds courage; it transfers your emotions and spends time with sincerity. Therefore, sending flowers does not really give anything. It is more like a meaning and carrier, and may also be a gift for yourself.