In foreign trade cooperation, the employment screening of overseas customers by foreign trade salesmen has always been a difficult problem! After receiving the inquiry, I do not know the specific situation of the customer, whether it is a real customer, whether it is a liar customer, or even escort!

Or after following up with the customer for a period of time, the customer inexplicably did not reply to the email and facilitated the settlement of the transaction, so he thought to do customer employment screening hong kong, learn more about the customer’s background information, and develop a targeted letter.

In order to formulate corresponding negotiation follow-up strategies for target customers, in order to achieve smooth product sales and allow customers to pay and purchase with us. Therefore, you should take the initiative to investigate the customer’s background, and do it in advance, you can’t do it~


Under what circumstances does customer employment screening need to be done?


1. When receiving an inquiry, it is necessary to determine the quality and characteristics of the inquiry through employment screening hong kong, so as to formulate the most suitable response and follow-up strategy.

2. When searching for potential customers, it is necessary to pass employment screening hong kong to judge the quality of customers, decide whether to include them and what development strategy to adopt.


What are the methods of doing customer employment screening hong kong?


1. Search email

Look at the mailbox suffix. If the customer uses a mailbox with a suffix such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc., first directly enter the customer’s mailbox in a search engine such as Google/Bing/Yahoo to check whether the relevant information can be searched.

If there is no information, continue to the second step, add product keywords to the mailbox for further search.

If not, go to skype to add contacts, enter the customer’s email address, and see if the contact pops up, and if there is any further information.

You can also use some mailbox anti-check tools., not only can verify the validity of the mailbox, but also investigate the affiliated companies behind the mailbox.

Of course, if it is an enterprise mailbox, the suffix of the mailbox is the website, but if the enterprise mailbox does not have a website, employment screening hong kong is even more necessary.


2. The company’s official website

What you can learn from the company’s official website is the part that the company wants to show to everyone.

Generally, you can obtain information about the customer’s company size, main market, products, target customer groups, advantages, and corporate vision. Of course, if you are very good, you can learn more through details.


3. Google Maps

Everyone should know this! Search for the customer’s company name on Google Maps. If you can’t find a definite location, you can use the official website information, Google search or find the customer’s address from the customer’s contact information, search for the customer’s location, and you will find the New World.

If the company has a store, you can watch satellite images and zoom in to see the real scene, which will help you better understand the strength of customers.


4. Whois domain name/website age survey tool

whois can analyze the historical changes of the domain name, the phone/address/email of the domain name registrant, etc.; you can see the age of the other party’s domain name, judge the establishment time of the other party’s company, etc., and also see the website’s affiliated company information.

You can also see the information of the website, such as the website title, description, etc., as well as the external link information, everyone should know what the external link is!


5. Customs data

You can know what the customer’s main products are through customs data

If it is the main product of the enterprise, it will be very sensitive to price, and the quality requirements will be relatively clear.

And there may be more competitors, so you need more realistic quotations and professional technical support to deal with.

If it is not the main product, you may just want to buy it and try it, then the buyer may not be too sensitive to the price at this time.

At the same time, through the mining and analysis of the customer’s existing product information, it can also quickly and smoothly communicate with the customer about product specifications, materials, design details and preferences, so that customers are interested.

The historical purchase volume and frequency can give a reference to the purchase scale and habits, and it is an important data to prove the customer scale and whether the purchased products are used for the main product line.

If you can still see other suppliers of the customer in the customs data in some cases, then you can conduct another round of analysis on these suppliers to understand the buyer’s requirements for suppliers and products, and even in subsequent development. , do some analysis and comparison in a targeted manner, so as to better show the advantages.

Follow-up without in-depth investigation and analysis will only result in ineffective follow-up.

Only when you truly solve all the questions of the customer and meet the needs and interests of the customer, can the customer place an order for you.

Of course, customer employment screening hong kong can also help us analyze whether the customer is a valuable customer.

In-depth customer background investigation, you can also use the global corporate credit report, which is issued by a professional and licensed third-party institution, with more comprehensive information and in-depth analysis, to make specific ratings for target companies, credit sales quota and account period suggestions, etc.

I hope that foreign trade people will do a good job in employment screening hong kong, not escort them, and win big orders!