Match your own dress with suitable accessories. A good dress with details can not only increase charm and remind you of your own taste. How to dress well and delicately without being too serious or showy. After all, weddings are also social occasions, and how to attend the wedding calmly is what everyone cares about most! So today I will help you summarize some points to pay attention to in wedding dresses, and help you to hold a complete wedding “decently and delicately”.

As we all know, I made a lot of good ideas on the way to help the bride dress up. From head to toe, from the inside to the outside, I asked me to say, the road to beauty, we are constantly iterating! But if you have to summarize a fashion guideline, it is: look for some “not so rules, not so wedding” elements, break away from the conventional aesthetics, and find those that meet the romantic factors of the wedding dress and your free soul element.

For example, bridal dress is supposed to wear high heels, but some people like to wear canvas shoes. The wedding dress and crown are gold CP, but some people wear choker. Today I will recommend some non-essential wedding items to you! Some are used by most of the stylists I have met.

Flower Straw Hat

Don’t wait for the straw hat in the closet to take out until the island vacation. It’s too wasteful! Take a wedding photo or take a follow-up photo on the wedding day, put on a straw hat, and immediately get a photogenic face, without having to worry about styling.

Many girls like flower makeup and hair styling, but too many of these elements can easily be too sweet and look tacky. This is suitable for decorating flowers on straw hats, which can weaken the sweetness of the whole match and look gentle and elegant. Adding a ribbon will give you a more gentle feeling as far as near.

Those who want a bigger woman can choose a flat-top hat type. From a distance, there is a sense of sight of a Hollywood modern girl, a proper blockbuster style.

Colored Veil

Rejection is set in stone, the veil can be pink, blue or even rainbow! The warm pink will make the already gentle veil more cute! Full of girlish hearts. The black veil with lace edges is super cool and shocking. The sun penetrates the veil, and the colored imprints are left on the white yarn, giving pure, tranquil and elegant colors.

Back Chain

The back chain, like the bracelet, is also a kind of jewelry. It is a chain that starts from the neck, passes through the cleavage, and goes around in a circle. It has the same advantages as a necklace. However, compared to bracelets and anklets, which have only aesthetic effects, back chains have the function of modifying the body curve, which can perfectly show the sexy beauty of the bride.

The back chain can be very princess-like. The combination of crystals and pearls is matched with a lace dress, which is both sexy and shy of a little woman. But compared with the deep v backless, the drop-shaped chain ornament is an excellent decoration, which can visually elongate the proportion of the back, making the dull-looking back skin easily become a colorful point for the bride to wear.

Multi-drilled body chains are alternated with the mysterious and sexy of lace, it is not too dreamy! Even if it is not a big backless wedding dress, it does not hinder the elegance of the back chain. The simple back chain is connected in the wedding dress, with a sense of hierarchy. The design of the necklace hanging from the neck is unique, which makes people mistakenly think that it is integrated with the dress.


Gloves are the most inconspicuous piece of bridal accessories, and even many brides don’t like to wear them, especially brides with beautiful hands. However, the lack of gloves is always a pity. Wearing gloves not only gives the bride a noble temperament, but also makes the wedding dress more outstanding and layered.


Regardless of the small size of the cufflinks, it really reflects the taste of men. Whether it’s the groom’s dress, the colorful cufflinks are classic collocations, and they are also the key to highlighting the temperament of the flamboyant and energetic groom.

When embellished on the dark groom’s shirt, it will make people unconsciously focus their eyes on the wrist, and the details of the decoration can change the original heavy sense of volume. When matching with decorative shirts and groom dresses, choosing bright or fluorescent color cufflinks can add the finishing touch to the entire groom dress.


The tie will always play the leading role, because it is the most eye-catching part of the groom’s dress. Generally speaking, one should first focus on matching the tie with the groom’s dress top. From a more exquisite point of view, the color of the shirt should become the basic color of the tie. The individual groom’s bow tie can choose the more outstanding color pattern. If you want to reflect the calm man’s charm, then the black bow tie is the best choice.


The groom should also take the color of the tie into consideration when choosing the material and color of the corsage. It will be more harmonious to choose a certain color on the tie as the main color of the corsage. If it is a tie with a more mixed color, the corsage can be simpler, even if there is only one flower, it will be great. One flower plus some matching gypsophila flowers is enough. Don’t let the corsage become a bunch of flowers, and the peduncle of the corsage should not be too long. Remember, the corsage is an embellishment, it should have the finishing touch, don’t become the focal point of the eye.

A tasteful groom will carefully choose accessories for his groom’s dress, a personalized tie, or a pair of shiny wedding shoes. As long as you choose the right combination, you will definitely become the most handsome groom at the wedding.


The choice of shirt will also make you look very different. Choose an open collar, no tie, iron the shirt straight, tie the cuffs, and look effortlessly handsome. Of course, it is not limited to white shirts, colors and patterns can be changed. You can also prepare a spare shirt when the weather is too hot.


Whether used as part of a three-piece suit or as a substitute for a jacket, a vest is a good choice. Especially for more casual weddings, or hot weather. But it is best to match the color of the pants. The length should also be long enough to cover the front edge of the shirt, just a little more than the belt is best. Don’t be too tight, just open the bottom button if it doesn’t work.

There are too many fashionable items in the head of a stylist, and they are all low-priced and high-value things that are easy to produce. Summarize the characteristics of these items: simplicity, personality, and fashion. Can’t learn their makeup techniques, you can still get the same style! Whether it’s taking a wedding photo or taking a photo on the day of the wedding, you can use these treasure items, and the beautiful pictures are all right!