The full name is Amazon Standard Identification Number. Chinese name: Big Amazon standard identification number, which is a special amazon products identifier code assigned by Amazon for products. Each product is different and is randomly generated. After the product is uploaded on Amazon, Amazon will automatically generate it, and it is not purchased by our seller or written by the seller. Each ASIN comes with a link, which is separated separately. This is used in later operations, such as creating advertisements, promotions, and selling.

When we create a product, for example, a product has different code numbers, but the appearance is the same. At this time, we need to put different children into a parent, and each child has independent authority. ASIN code, independent keywords, this is a unique place for Amazon to upload products, so Amazon is an omni channel retail platform, and it is not very useful to use one product to drive the entire store, so we pass the product At that time, you can formulate a strategy and use a parent body to associate more products, so that you can greatly increase efficiency and reduce costs during advertising and promotion.

How To View The Production Date Of Amazon’s Unsalable Products

When a brand registers a brand on Amazon and asks for transparency, they will get a series of T-shaped two-dimensional barcodes. These codes are unique to each product manufactured by the brand and are applied to the packaging of the product.

According to the official FAQ, Transparency is the only entity that has and can generate the only barcode used by the program. This can prevent unscrupulous third parties from forging code. In addition, the transparent system records every code generated and the product they are aimed at, so that investigators can cross-reference the code and verify its authenticity.