The fourth wave of the epidemic broke out. Since April this year, the Thai government has not really controlled the development of the epidemic. The number of confirmed cases in a single day has risen from hundreds to more than 10,000 today. Various blockades and restrictions have also been introduced, but the epidemic has not improved. So in this six months when the epidemic is relatively serious, and the economy has not improved significantly, what is the performance of the bangkok real estate rental market? Which real estate rentals are in good condition, or even hot? And which properties are experiencing the double-kill situation of selling price and rent, and still no one cares about it?


Look at the data first


# Only this family successfully rented out 162 houses in the Bangkok market in the first half of this year. Based on a total of 180 days in 6 months, it can rent out an average of 0.9 houses per day. It can be said that for 180 days in the first half of the year, houses were successfully rented out almost every day. On a monthly basis, especially from February to May, the leasing situation is very strong, with an average daily transaction of 1-2 sets. In January, due to more holidays, the rental list was slightly less, but there were also 27 houses successfully rented out in January. However, in June, only 19 houses were sold for lease. It is obvious that the increasingly severe situation of infection of the new crown mutation virus still has a certain impact on the Bangkok rental market.

# The average rental price of these 162 rental houses is 21,100 baht/month;
# The highest transaction rent was obtained from a three-bedroom apartment in thonglor’s mansion The Monument Thonglor, which was 100,000 baht/month;
# The most expensive real estate rental unit price is the luxury house celes asoke in Asoke CBD, rented for 1,000 baht/㎡/month, and the tenant works in a European and American embassy. In the Bangkok market under the influence of the current epidemic, it is very rare to be able to rent at this price.
# The cheapest house is only 8,000 baht per month, which is a one-bedroom house in Chapter One Eco Ratchada;
# The cheapest rental unit price is also in Chapter One Eco Ratchad, the rental unit price is only 283 baht/㎡/month.

The difference between the most expensive and cheapest monthly rent is 12.5 times. Of course, there is also the influence of area. If the area factor is removed, the difference between the most expensive and cheapest rental unit price is also 3.5 times.


01-Chewathai Phetkasem 27


In terms of individual properties, I will only select properties with relatively strong leases as an example.

Chewathai Phetkasem 27 has rented 8 units; although the rent is not high, the monthly rent for a room of 30-40 square meters is 8000-8500 baht, and the rent for a two-bedroom of 55 square meters is only 12,000 baht/month. It belongs to the low-end rigid demand, so the rent is relatively low, basically only hovering around 10,000 baht. However, the transportation of this building is relatively convenient. It is close to Bangwa Station where BTS and MRT meet. There are also tenant sources such as Siam University nearby. Although this property is west of the Chao Phraya River, most of Bangkok’s city center is east of the Chao Phraya River. In the traditional sense, only the Icom Siam shopping mall near the other side of the river is more lively, and the construction speed of other areas cannot be compared to the east of the Chao Phraya River. However, there are very few interchange stations between BTS and MRT. There is only Bangwa interchange hub in the Hexi area, and the popularity here is also very strong.


02-Focus Ploenchit!


Focus Ploenchit rented 5 rooms; one room was rented at 1,5000-17,000 baht per month, and a 70-square-meter two-bedroom apartment was rented. The rent was as high as 60,000 baht, and the unit rent was 857 baht/m2/month. This building was completed in 2014 and is currently 7 years old. As the real estate is located in the core of the city center between Ploenchit and Nana, it is on Sukhumvit 2 Lane, surrounded by various supporting facilities, office buildings, shopping malls, and a few steps away is the JW Marriott Hotel. In addition, the property does not care, so these 5 houses are all made Airbnb. Even during the epidemic, not all homestays will die. If the real estate is well located, it is convenient to live in the city center, and the properties are slack, there will still be room for homestay operations.


03-Life One Wireless!


Another Bangkok’s “sacred disk” Life One Wireless also successfully rented 4 rooms; the average rent was 1,4000-17,000 baht/month, and the rental unit price was 400-550 baht/㎡/month. This disk is the same as Focus Ploenchit. Because it is located on the edge of the Siam business district, it is relatively convenient to reach the core area with dense offices and shopping malls in the city center. It’s just that one of the two plates is north of Sukhumvit and the other is south of Sukhumvit. Therefore, the rents of the units are basically the same, but the age of Life One Wireless is much newer than that of Focus Ploenchit. Life One Wireless was only handed over in 2020, and it is only 1 year old, while Focus Ploenchit is 7 years old.


04-Ideo Mobi Rangnam


There is also a very strong area for leasing, that is, Phayathai. Ideo Mobi Rangnam has also rented 5 rooms; the monthly rent for a room is between 15000-17000 baht, and the rental unit price is about 450 baht/㎡/month. Phayathai is the intersection of the Airport Express and the BTS. Before the epidemic, there were a large number of tourists and business travelers coming and going here every day. To the north is the Victory Monument, an important transportation center in Bangkok, where more than a dozen bus lines gather. To the south is the famous Siam Erawan shopping district. Therefore, Phayathai has gathered a lot of office buildings, both multinational companies and many local companies in Thailand, and the demand for leasing is relatively strong.


05-Life Asoke Rama 9


Life Asoke Rama 9 leased 9 units. Although Asoke is written before Rama 9 in the name of the project, the real estate is actually between Makkasan and Rama 9, and is closer to Rama 9. In addition, the total number and density of the Life series of real estate are not low, so the rent is relatively cheap in the area, and it is precisely because of this that so many houses have been successfully rented out. The monthly rent for a room is 1,3000-15,000 baht on average, and the cheapest one-room rental is only 11,000 baht per month; the rent is 20,000 baht/month. From this perspective, when buying a house in Bangkok, if you can afford to buy two houses, you should consider investing in two houses as much as possible. 2 rooms are very scarce, and there are very few available listings. Even in the high-density market of thousands of houses, 2 rooms are still the sweet pastry of the rental market, which can ensure that the rent is maintained at a relatively high level. Calculated by the rental unit price, most 1 room is only 350-450 baht/㎡/month, and two rooms can be rented for 500 baht/㎡/month. It is only two stops away from the core of Asoke CBD, but the rent to Asoke will more than double than here. Of course, if the rent is cheap, it will not be hot rent. Convenient transportation is also very important. Life Asoke Rama 9 is the subway station of MRT Rama 9 just across the road.




Then when I came to the famous Asoke CBD, the first hot rented real estate was Muniq, and 5 of them were successfully rented out. It is located at Sukhumvit 23, about 400 meters away from the intersection of BTS and MRT in the city center called Asoke. Close to Soi Cowboy, so business office buildings, important transportation hubs, feasting and entertainment centers are combined here. The density of people here is comparable to the Siam business district, and it can be said to be tied for first place in Bangkok. And muniq is a major high-end series of boutique real estate, and the property management and real estate quality are quite excellent.

The first hot-rental real estate was Muniq, which successfully rented 5 rooms; the monthly rent for a room was around 25,000 baht, and the monthly rent for a two-bedroom directly soared to 50,000 baht. From the perspective of the rental unit price, this property is generally 700-850 baht/㎡/month, which is already relatively high in the center of Bangkok. Among the 162 units rented in the first half of the year, celes asoke (1,000 baht/㎡/month) with the highest rental unit price is just across the street from muniq.